German university students suspended for protesting in Cairo

Ahram Online, Tuesday 22 Mar 2011

Today university students protest the suspension decision of 30 students for having demanded a student union in Cairo

Tens of German University in Cairo (GUC) students staged a sit-in from Sunday and overnight into Monday demanding a representative student union.

The students say they were surprised that GUC administration sent letters to 30 parents in reply, detailing their suspension from the university.

The letters read:

“...we would like to inform you that your son/daughter has violated the university’s values and norms and its general regulations by the way they have acted on campus, threatening their own safety, the university’s properties and the interest of other students. Your son/daughter has been suspended until you kindly visit our university to decide whether you would like him/her to continue his/her studies while respecting the university’s rules and regulations or be transferred to another university without having to bear the costs of the 2011 spring semester.”

In turn, the students are staging another demonstration on Tuesday from 9am to 5pm to pressure the administration to drop the suspension decision and to publish an official apology email “similar to the one sent as en expulsion,” said the internet protest announcement.

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