New demands from Egypt’s Youth Revolution Coalition

Ahram Online, Wednesday 23 Mar 2011

Ahram Online speaks with a rep from the Youth Coalition on their newest proposals to Egypt’s ruling military council for political participation laws, the elimination of the Upper House and a minimum quota for females

Photo: AP

The Egyptian Youth Revolution Coalition holds another meeting with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to propose more ideas for the power transition phase Egypt is undergoing.

One of the sensitive issues discussed is how to deal with corrupt figures of the old regime. Egyptians are wondering how transgressors, such as Safwat el-Sherif, Zakria Azmy and Fathi Sorour, have not been investigated and remain untouched, prompting the Coalition to submit proposals to deal with them.

“The military promised to study our proposals on that issue,” Nasser Abdel Fattah told Ahram Online.

Moreover, they proposed wider political participation laws that should rule during this transitional period: “We have discussed so many details, such as reducing the age for candidacy for president to 35 and the parliament to 25,” Abdel Nasser told Ahram Online.  

The Youth Revolution Coalition also asked for changes in the proportional voting system for parliamentary elections, the complete elimination of the Upper House as well as the quota for a minimum of female representatives in order to base the voting on simple merit.

No promises were given this time, as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is currently studying the proposals.  

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