Court adjourns case demanding FJP, Salafist El-Nour Party dissolutions

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Saturday 19 Oct 2013

Case against the Freedom and Justice Party and El-Nour Party, demanding their dissolution for being formed on a religious basis, is pushed back to December; parallel case to be decided later Saturday

Salafist Noor Party logo (L) and Freedom and Justice Party logo (R)

The High Administrative Court adjourned to 21 December Saturday a case demanding the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Salafist El-Nour Party, on grounds of their being formed on a religious basis.

The court also adjourned earlier Saturday to 16 November 11 other lawsuits demanding the FJP's dissolution, pending recommendations by the State Commissioners' Authority on each case.

Egypt's State Commissioners' Authority, a body that advises the government on legal issues, recommended 7 October the dissolution of the FJP, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The authority's report said that the decision of June 2011 by the Political Parties Affair Committee to accept the request from Muslim Brotherhood leader and subsequent FJP chairman Saad El-Katatni to form the party was invalid.

Recommendations of the State Commissioners' Authority are non-binding on the government.

The High Administrative Court will announce its decision later today on one related case in which the State Commissioners' Authority has already submitted its recommendations.

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