Egypt's Nour Party slams Muslim Brotherhood's 'defamation campaign'

Ahram Online , Friday 8 Nov 2013

Salafist Party spokesperson says Muslim Brotherhood has been spreading lies even before 30 June as part of 'defamation campaign' targeting it

Al-Nour party
Al-Nour party's spokesman Sherif Taha

Official Nour Party spokesperson Sherif Taha slammed the Muslim Brotherhood for defaming the Salafist group and "the icons" of the party’s mother movement – Salafist Calling.

In a statement published on the official Nour Party website on Friday, Taha condemned how the Muslim Brotherhood was defaming the Salafist Calling and its political arm, Nour Party. He accused the Brotherhood of spreading lies as a part of a campaign "that goes back even before June 30," according to the party’s spokesperson.

“It is better if the Muslim Brotherhood starts to look for the reason that led to their miserable failures and learn from their mistakes, instead of blaming others for their own failures and living the role of the victim,” said Taha in his statement.

The official spokesperson of the Salafist party said that the Brotherhood-led "defamation campaign" against his party was lacking honesty as well as “clean political competitiveness.”

Earlier this week a group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters protested against Sheikh Yasser El-Borhami, one of the co-founders and prominent figures of the Salafist Calling, during a religious lecture in Alexandria. 

The Nour Party has come under strong attack from some Islamists for supporting the 3 July road map which included the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, amending the 2012 constitution and holding new elections.  

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