120 unknown corpses since 30 June: Egypt's forensic authority

Ahram Online, Sunday 10 Nov 2013

Of 120 unidentified bodies collected since 30 June and subsequent weeks of violence following the 3 July ouster of Mohamed Morsi, 109 remain unclaimed in Zeinhom Morgue in Cairo

cairo dead
Bodies of protesters who died in clashes on Friday 16 August 2013 are laid out at the al-Fath mosque near Ramses Square, Cairo. (Photo: AP)
Some 109 corpses remain in Zeinhom Morgue of a total of 120 unidentified since 30 June and the eruption of widespread violence in the country, spokesman of Egypt's Forensic Medicine Authority Hesham Abd El-Hamid said on Sunday.
Clashes broke out nationwide after the army deposed president Mohamed Morsi 3 July amid mass protests against his rule. His supporters, mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood, from which he hails, locked horns in the aftermath with opponents or security forces, leaving hundreds dead in widespread violence.  
The bloodiest day was 14 August when police and security forces forcibly dispersed two large pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo, sparking waves of confrontations, leaving almost hundreds dead. 
Abd El-Hamid said that of 122 corpses originally unidentified, eight were subsequently identified and returned to their families, another five buried in charity cemeteries, and the remaining 109 are still at Zeinhom in the Sayeda Zeinab district of Cairo. 
Abd El-Hamid added that the Forensic Medicine Authority is preparing a list of the victims of 14 August.
Earlier this month, Abd El-Hamid announced that the total number of victims of violence following the sit-in dispersals surpassed 700. 
Egypt's Ministry of Health had announced in August that 525 people were killed on the day of the dispersal. At least 200 more were killed in violence in subsequent days. 
Since mid-August, frequent clashes have taken place, usually sparked by pro-Morsi protests taking to the streets. Dozens have died in limited skirmishes.
On 18 September, the Ministry of Interior announced that 121 policemen were killed in events from 14 August to date.
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