Egypt presidential advisor affirms commitment to roadmap

Ahram Online, Monday 11 Nov 2013

Presidential advisor Mostafa Hegazy says constitution referendum expected by late December 2013, early January 2014; Presidential elections by summer 2014

Mostafa Hegazy
Egyptian presidential advisor Mostafa Hegazy (Photo: AP)

Egyptian presidential advisor for political and strategic affairs Mostafa Hegazy asserted on Monday that Egypt is committed to the post-3 July roadmap, which will end with presidential elections scheduled for summer 2014.

"The roadmap has three main focuses: the constitution, parliamentary elections, and presidential elections," Hegazy elaborated during a speech at the Euromoney conference in Cairo.

According to Hegazy, the final draft of the new constitution should be finalised by 3 December, and put for national referendum in late December 2013 or early January 2014.

A 50-member committee is currently amending the 2012 constitution, which was drafted under former president Mohamed Morsi by an Islamist-dominated assembly.

After Morsi's ouster on 3 July, the 2012 constitution was suspended pending amendment, and Egypt's interim authorities announced a roadmap towards renewed presidential elections.

If the amended constitution is passed by national referendum, parliamentary elections will follow. Presidential elections are set to take place in summer 2014, Hegazy said.

"Those working on the road map are serious about completing it, despite minor differences … it's not just about Egypt's transition from autocracy to democracy; we're building the country from scratch," Hegazy asserted.

Hegazy added that swift and serious steps towards the development of state institutions must be taken in the upcoming five years.

Speaking on Egypt's foreign policy, Hegazy announced that the goal is cooperation based on parity with other nations.

"Egypt is a leading nation that acknowledges its status in the world, and I believe the current political tendencies may eventually lead to a more balanced power in the region," he added.

On Saturday, Egyptian foreign minister Nabil Fahmy said Egypt is taking a more "independent" track with regards to foreign policy, broadening its options due to a diplomatic fall-out with the US after it suspended some military and cash aid to Egypt.

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