President Mansour issues anti-corruption law for government officials

Ahram Online, Thursday 14 Nov 2013

The new law puts in place regulations to avoid conflicts of interest

Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour has issued a law banning activity that constitutes a conflict of interest for government officials, a state news agency reported.

Presidential spokesman Ihab Badawy told MENA on Thursday that the new law tackles one of the legal loopholes that allowed officials to use their posts for personal benefits.

The new law establishes integrated and detailed regulations of what officials may and may not do in terms of activities or possession of assets. Public officials include senior state posts such as the president, his deputies, the cabinet, local governors and the heads of public agencies and regulatory bodies.

"The law protects society from illegal interaction between power and money, putting clear limits for those in public office positions," Badawy explained.

Legal measures and sanction for violators were also included.

A new Commission for the Prevention of Corruption will also be established.

A number of high profile public officials in office prior to the 2011 revolution became associated with profiteering and corruption. At least four former ministers have been tried on corruption-related charges.

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