Police forcefully disperse workers blocking tracks in Nile Delta

Ahram Online, Saturday 16 Nov 2013

Samanoud factory workers in the Nile Delta are forced to end road closure by security forces; clashes see several injured on both sides

File photo: Egyptian workers protest.'We want a monthly salary enough to live on 2012 (photo: Mai Shaheen)

Security forces forcefully dispersed a sit-in by workers of Samanoud for Wool and Weaving Saturday, in Egypt's Gharbiya governorate.

According to Al-Ahram Arabic news website, the workers slept on railway tracks blocking the flow of trains between Tanta and Mansoura for several hours to demand late financial dues.

Security forces deployed after failing to convince the protesting workers to move their sit-in inside the factory, firing tear gas at the strikers and forcing them to return to the factory grounds.

According to media reports, several workers and conscripts were injured in the dispersal.

Head of the Egyptian Workers' Union Abdel-Fatah Ibrahim criticised the government in a statement issued early Saturday, accusing it of being responsible for the escalation by ignoring the workers demands for three months.

Meanwhile, security forces have been deployed around nearby railway tracks and the factory to bar any potential protest breaking out again. Workers were being promised that a memo will be sent to the head of the cabinet to ensure that their demands are met.

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