Egypt's cabinet recognises victims of second Mohamed Mahmoud clashes as 'martyrs'

Ahram Online, Sunday 17 Nov 2013

Victims of the second Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes in 2012 will join the list of 'revolution martyrs,' including those killed in the first Mohamed Mahmoud Street battle in 2011

Mohamed Mahmoud
Protesters run from tear gas thrown by police forces during clashes between police and protesters near the Interior Ministry in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's interim cabinet recognised Sunday those who died in the Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes with police in 2012 as "revolution martyrs," along with journalists who died in action, to be granted all compensations and benefits that status confers.

In December 2011, Premier Kamal El-Ganzouri, heading the government under the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), added the victims of the Maspero clashes and the first Mohamed Mahmoud clashes to the list of January 25 Revolution martyrs.

In November 2011, around 47 protesters were killed in four days of clashes between security forces and protesters opposed to SCAF on Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

In 2012, marking the first anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud Street events, deadly clashes between protesters and police resumed, with at least three killed.

Egypt's interior ministry said Sunday it has taken all necessary measures to secure Tuesday's commemoration of the second anniversary of the 2011 deadly Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes. 

The ministry warned in an official statement to groups expected to demonstrate on the anniversary against "elements that might infiltrate the gatherings to threaten public security and peaceful protest."

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