Egypt's security forces disperse Tahrir crowd using teargas

Ahram Online , Wednesday 20 Nov 2013

Around 200 protesters dispersed after clashes with police in Tahrir in late hours of Tuesday, military tanks block entrances to square

Egypt’s security forces fired heavy rounds of teargas in Tahrir in the late hours of Tuesday, dispersing around 200 protesters who had remained in the square to commemorate the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes.

Most of the few thousand protesters who marked the second anniversary of the clashes in the iconic square had left by 10pm after organisers of the commemoration ended their vigil.

Earlier in the evening, dozens of the protesters had clashed with police forces deployed at the nearby Arab League headquarters. The clashes followed a day of largely peaceful protests in the vicinity of Tahrir Square.

Tanks moved in to block entrances to Tahrir.

Days of clashes between anti-military protesters and security forces erupted in Mohamed Mahmoud Street, just off Tahrir Square, on 19 November 2011, leaving 47 dead and at least 3,000 injured.

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