Sabahi to announce platform for Egypt presidential race

MENA, Monday 28 Mar 2011

Sabahi on Wednesday will be the first to lay out his vision for Egypt as a presidential hopeful

Hamdeen Sabahi, head of Egypt’s Karama political party and the one of the candidates running for presidential elections is to announce his presidential platform at the press syndicate this coming Wednesday.

Sabahi will be the first presidential candidate to lay out his vision for Egypt, which has just emerged from a revolution that toppled a 30-year ruling regime, headed by former president Hosni Mubarak. 

Sabahi founded the Karama Nasserist Party in 1996 but was never able to acquire official party status from Egypt’s Political Parties’ commission as establishing a party during Mubarak’s era was nearly impossible. Sabahi was elected to the People’s Assembly in 2005. 

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