Egyptian prosecution orders 4-day detention for former judge El-Khodeiry

El-Sayed Gamal Eddin, Tuesday 26 Nov 2013

An Egyptian prosecution slammed former judical ally of the Brotherhood with 4-day detention, pending investigation into torture allegations

Former judge El-Khodeiry (photo: Al Ahram)

A downtown Cairo prosecution gave former judge Mahmoud El-Khodeiry a 4-day detention Tuesday, pending investigation into torture allegations.

El-Khodeiry, seen as an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested in Alexandria on Monday evening, Egypt's state news agency MENA reported. He is accused of inciting torture, according to one of the defendant's lawyers.

Muslim Brotherhood members Hazem Farouq, Mohamed El-Beltagy and Islamist figure Safwat Hegazy are accused in the same case of conducting the torture of lawyer Osama Kamal Mohamed in Tahrir Square in 2011. 

A large number of Brotherhood figures have been arrested since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi on 3 July. Many face accusations of inciting violence.

The prosecution ordered El-Khodeiry's arrest after he had been repeatedly summoned for questioning but failed to make an appearance. He will be transferred to Cairo, where the trial is currently taking place.

Former deputy-head of the appeals court, El-Khodeiry, was a leading figure in the movement demanding the independence of the judiciary in 2005-2006 under ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

El-Khodeiry was also an elected MP in the post-Mubarak parliamentary elections in 2011.

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