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Egyptian youth sound the trumpet for a new million man march

Bloggers and activists call for a new million man march on Friday 1 April to press for demands to be fulfilled

Ahram Online, Monday 28 Mar 2011
Tahrir Square.
(Photo: AP)

Egyptian bloggers and activists have called for a fresh million man march on Friday, 1 April.                      

The new protest will take place in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the 25 January Revolution that lasted 18 days and resulted in the overthrow of ex-president Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.

Through Facebook and Twitter the organisers of the new rallies cited ‘unfulfilled demands’ as the reason for the need for a massive demonstration.

Bringing to justice Mubarak and his family members, who were allegedly involved in major embezzlements and many other infringements, is on top of the ‘neglected’ demands.

The protesters also stressed the importance of prosecuting Zakaria Azmi, Safwat Al-Sherif and Fathi Sorour. The trio are widely branded as ‘corrupt’ figures of the previous regime and ‘disciples’ of Mubarak, as well as being held responsible for the counter-revolution, which resulted in over 600 dead and several thousand injured.

Furthermore, they are demanding that all media figures associated with the old regime be removed from their positions effective immediately.

Around 500 journalists protested on Sunday in front of the national radio and TV headquarters known as the Maspero building before supporters of the 25 January Revolution joined them.

Dismantling the National Democratic Party, formerly headed by Mubarak, is also among the demands.

The latest million man march has been called by many names, including the "new Friday of rage" and "Friday of cleansing."

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