Protest in Suez leads to promises from board of directors

Ahram Online, Tuesday 29 Mar 2011

More than a thousand quarry workers take to the streets of Suez opposing government corruption

A rally of 1500 workers marched through the streets of Suez calling for the prosecution of corrupt figures inside a Suez governorate building yesterday.  

The board of directors of a Suez-based quarry company subsequently met today with protest leaders and promised to fulfil their demands. Accordingly the protesters cancelled the scheduled protest planned today at 2:00 PM.

"We are fine with the promises of the board of directors," Mohamed El-Missawi, a worker with the Suez-base company, told Ahram Online.

The protest was started by 640 quarry workers demonstrating in front of the governorate’s headquarters, calling for investigations into the existence of files linking certain figures to corruption.

Moreover, protesters accused Secretary General of the Suez Governorate, Alaa Badour of corruption, causing harm to workers and paying the leaders of the National Democratic Party monthly salaries without doing their job. 

The Suez governorate was one of the most active spots during the Egyptian uprising.

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