Egyptian activist Haitham Mohamadein not wanted for now: judicial source

Sayed Gamal El-Din, Thursday 5 Dec 2013

A judicial source denied Thursday an arrest warrant had been issued against prominent Egyptian labour activist Haitham Mohamadein for his participation in protests during the past two weeks

Labour activist Haitham Mohamadein
Labour activist Haitham Mohamadein holding Martyr Mina Danial flag in antigovernment rally infront of Maspero, Cairo, 6 July 2013. (Photo: Haitham Mohamadein Facebook)

A judicial source denied Thursday an arrest warrant had been issued against prominent Egyptian labour lawyer and activist Haitham Mohamadein for participating in protests during the past two weeks.

An arrest warrant was reported on the Revolutionary Socialists' Facebook page to have been issued against Mohamadein, one of its leading members, on charges of inciting riots during a 26 November demonstration in front of the Shura Council.

On Thursday, a judicial source denied any arrest warrant had been issued for Mohamadein as yet. The source also denied earlier reports of arrest warrants having been issued for other activists, including singer Ramy Essam. 

In front of downtown Cairo's Abdeen Court, clashes took place a week later, during which three activists -- Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher of the April 6 Youth Movement, as well as Ahmed Douma -- were arrested and referred to court on charges of rioting, thuggery and congesting traffic.

The Abdeen Court protest was being held in solidarity with April 6 Youth Movement founder Ahmed Maher, who was in the act of turning himself in to the authorities at the time of his arrest during the demonstration. 

Scuffles erupted between demonstrators and security forces, with the latter eventually dispersing the unauthorised gathering.

Activists have organised demonstrations defying a new contentious protest law that requires a three-day notification to the authorities prior to any gatherings and imposes stiff fines as well as jail terms on violators. Almost two dozen activists participating in these protests were detained and later released on bail, pending investigations.

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