Muslim Brotherhood on Ittihadiya clashes anniversary: 'fabricated case'

Ahram Online, Thursday 5 Dec 2013

Muslim Brotherhood issue statement on first anniversary of clashes between their supporters and opponents in front of the presidential palace, say trial for ousted president Mohamed Morsi is a 'fabricated case'

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood clash with anti-Morsi protesters around Al-Ittihadiya palace
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood clash with anti-Morsi protesters around Al-Ittihadiya palace, 5 December 2012 (photo: Reuters)

In a statement marking the first anniversary of clashes outside Ittihadeya presidential palace, the Muslim Brotherhood has denounced the trial of ousted president Mohamed Morsi as "a fabricated case to taint the legitimate president."

Morsi, who has been in military custody since his ouster, stands accused of inciting the clashes in which 10 were killed and hundreds injured, with further accounts of torture.

Opponents had camped out in front of the palace to protest a constitutional declaration issued by Morsi last November, shielding the Islamist-dominated upper house of parliament and the 2012 constituent assembly.

Clashes began when Morsi supporters attacked the protesters.

In the statement, however, the Muslim Brotherhood put the blame on the political opposition, saying that it had instigated its supporters to protest and that the demonstrators "stepped over all the limits," using obscene chants and graffiti.

Video footage from the clashes showed Morsi supporters beating the opposition protesters, tying one up to the palace doors and torturing another until he confessed to being a paid thug.

Political pundits have referred to the December Ittihadeya clashes as a turning point in the Muslim Brotherhood's rule. The protests denounced not only the constitutional decree but also called for Morsi's ouster, accusing him of being a puppet for Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

Six months later, Morsi was ousted by the military after days of mass protests calling for his removal.

The charges related to the Ittihadeya clashes include inciting his supporters to commit murder.

The Muslim Brotherhood have been staging near-daily protests since Morsi's ouster, calling for his reinstatement as well as refusing to submit to the political roadmap adopted by the interim government, which they have declared to be illegitimate.

Dozens of activists gathered on Thursday in front of the presidential palace to commemorate last year's events.

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