Salafist leader Bakkar says Brotherhood held insulting demo against him

Ahram Online, Saturday 7 Dec 2013

Nour party figurehead Nader Bakkar says Muslim Brotherhood protesters held an offensive demonstration in front of his house in response to his party's stance on the post-Morsi constitution

Nader Bakkar
Salafist Nour Party's leading members Nader Bakkar (Photo: Reuters)

Assistant to the head of media affairs of the Salafist Nour party Nader Bakkar criticised the Muslim Brotherhood after Brotherhood loyalists held a demonstration outside his residence and reportedly chanted slogans offending him and his family.

"This was not a protest but an incitement of insults and offense," Bakkar said, adding that he has always opposed protests in front of any politician's personal residence.

Bakkar told Ahram's Arabic news website that he was surprised that such inconsiderate behaviour came from a group that purports to be religious.

Bakkar also noted that he and the Nour party had known about the protest since Friday, but they have chosen not to inform the police. "I could have called the police, given that the protesters stayed for over an hour under my house, but I did not do that because it's not how I deal with things," explained Bakkar.

Bakkar argued that the protest came in response to the Nour party's announcement that it would vote yes on the post-Morsi amended constitution, the final draft of which was submitted on Tuesday to interim president Adly Mansour.

The Nour Party has come under strong attack from some Islamists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, for supporting the 3 July transitional roadmap, which included the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, amending the 2012 constitution and holding new elections.

On 8 November, the Nour party issued a statement accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of leading a smearing campaign against the Salafist group and "the icons" of the party’s mother movement – Salafist Calling.

A week earlier, a group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters protested against Sheikh Yasser El-Borhami, one of the co-founders and prominent figures of the Salafist Calling, during a religious lecture in Alexandria.

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