Popular Current calls for presidential before parliamentary elections

Ahram Online , Sunday 15 Dec 2013

The Popular Current says it wants presidential elections before parliamentary elections to prevent prolonging the transitional period in Egypt

Heba Yassin
Heba Yassin , official spokesperson of popular current (Photo: Popular current official Facebook Page)

The Popular Current announced it will collect petitions to change Egypt's transitional roadmap.

The movement said in a statement on Sunday that it will campaign to hold presidential elections prior to parliamentary elections. The petitions will be presented to interim President Adly Mansour.

Egypt's electoral system and the timeline for elections will be decided by Mansour because the 50 members of the constitution committee failed to reach an agreement on the issue. The road map adopted by the interim government after 3 July stated that parliamentary elections would occur after a constitution referendum and be followed by presidential elections.

"The Popular Current believes that it is better to have the presidential elections before the parliamentary elections to prevent prolonging the transitional period. After all, the 30 June protests and Tamarod movement originally demanded early presidential elections," Heba Yassin, Popular Current spokesperson, told Ahram Online.

Yassin said that parliamentary elections take more time than presidential elections.

The Popular Current, a Nasserist-leaning movement launched by staff members of Hamdeen Sabahi's unsuccessful 2012 presidential campaign, supported the 30 June protests that led to the ousting of former president Mohamed Morsi. It said in the statement that it started a series of talks with political leaders, public figures and youth groups to gain support for the campaign.

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