Socialist Hamdeen Sabahi announces he’s running for president, Egypt

Ekram Ibrahim , Wednesday 30 Mar 2011

Hamdeen Sabahi announces his bid for president as an independent candidate, despite being head of the Karama Socialist Party, and lays out his three platform priorities

Hamdeen Sabahi
Photo: Ekram Ibrahim

Hamdeen Sabahi, head of Karama Socialist Political Party announced today that he is running for presidency in a press conference at the press syndicate noon.

 The press conference started by standing for one minute morning on the Egyptian Maytrs  of January 25 revolution.
“It is my honor to announce running for Egyptian Presidential elections,” said Sabahi starting his speech.

Sabahi announced that his presidential campaign has three main angles. First one is the political democracy, where each Egyptian has equal right in power through the polling box. Also Sabahi is looking forward to a parliament presidential system where the president enjoys least power and the parliament would also enjoy the right of legislation and monitoring. “I want a citizen country where each Egyptian enjoys equal rights,” said Sabahi.

The Social justice is the second angel Sabahi would be working on for a better Egypt. “Egyptians were oppressed financially as they were politically,” said Sabahi. He promised to be working on increasing the middle class Egyptians by equal distribution of developmental outcome. Moreover, he would be working on the prisoners’ issues; he proposed that the prisons would be under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice rather than the securities.

Meanwhile the third angel is “the Independence of Egypt.” Sabahi explained that democracy and justice could not be reached “while both the United States and Israel are imposing on Egypt what to do,” he said. He is also looking for an Arab union similar to the European Union.

Sabahi has finalized his speech by inviting all Egyptian intellectuals, scientists and professionals to engage with him in issuing the detailed presidential campaign which embraces the above vision and ideologies. “I believe in the ability of Egypt and the Egyptians,” said Sabahi.

Sabahi will run as an independent candidate and not through Karam Socialist Party. He has anounced his intentions for running for presidency more than a year ago before the outsted president Hosni Mubarak steps down.

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