Egypt's State Information Service chief resigns over constitution banner blunder

Ahram Online, Wednesday 18 Dec 2013

Banner used at official press conference misspelled 'Egypt' and used pictures of foreigners under the headline 'All Egyptians Constitution'

Egypt's constituent assembly Chairman Amr Moussa (onstage, C) attends a news conference in Cairo December 15, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

State Information Service head Amgad Abdel-Ghaffar has resigned after a banner promoting Egypt's new constitution featured a number of mistakes, state news agency MENA reported on Wednesday.

On Sunday, a banner displayed at a press conference held by constitutional panel head Amr Moussa misspelled the word 'Egyptians' in Arabic (Misreyeen), using the word for 'determined' (Mosireen) instead.

Moreover, three out of five people featured on the huge banner reading 'All Egyptians Constitution' were identified as non-Egyptians whose photos had been taken from commercial websites in Ireland and the US.

"I believe the matter was overblown," Abdel-Ghaffar told Al-Shorouq newspaper on Monday.

Abdel-Ghaffar said the banner was received shortly before the press conference from the Egypt Peace Lovers organisation, a non-governmental group set up to promote the amended constitution that will be put to a referendum in mid-January.

The employee responsible for the mistakes will be penalised, he added.

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