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ElBaradei hails dismissal of media figures

Mohamed ElBaradei welcomes the dismissal of key ‎state media figures, saying all ‎Egyptian media must be independent

Sherif Tarek , Thursday 31 Mar 2011
Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei, (Reuters)

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei voiced satisfaction over the dismissal of key ‎state media figures, describing their departure as "a huge step towards building a new ‎Egypt".‎

The cabinet announced Wednesday that a large number of chairmen and chief ‎editors had been replaced within the major press institutions.‎ State-run media have been panned for being unprofessionally biased towards toppled ‎President Hosni Mubarak and his regime during the 25 January Revolution and before. ‎

Governmental newspapers and TV channels were also accused of circulating wild ‎rumours in an attempt to disperse the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the ‎uprising.‎ On his Twitter page, former UN atomic watchdog chief ElBaradei called on the Supreme ‎Council of the Armed Forces to relieve state television figures of their ‎duties also. ‎

‎“All media has to be independent,” the Nobel Prize winner said. ‎

On the Interim Constitutional Declaration, ElBaradei briefly commented: “The constitutional decree, ‎with all its aspects, deserved to be discussed, didn’t it?”‎

Major General Mamduh Shahin told a press conference Wednesday that the Interim ‎Constitutional Declaration consists ‎‎of 62 articles, only nine of which were endorsed in a referendum ‎‎19 March.‎

Under the supervision of the Supreme Judicial Commission, over 14 million of 18 million ‎voting favoured the nine constitutional ‎‎amendments.‎

ElBaradei was attacked while on his way to cast his vote at the Shaimaa School in ‎Moqattam district. The assault is widely believed to be premeditated.‎

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