Egypt Youth Coalition and El-Baradei missing from first National Dialogue

Sherif Tarek , Thursday 31 Mar 2011

National Dialogue meetings will establish criteria and regularise future meetings, but how useful is that if key players are not invited?

National dialogue
The first national dialogue on Wednesday

Discussions over the measures and objectives of the National Dialogue are to resume ‎on Sunday, yet obvious key players, such as the Youth Coalition and presidential hopeful, El-Baradei are blaringly absent.

The National Dialogue’s criteria and organisation of future meetings should be finalised by the end ‎of a series of preliminary meetings that will see at least 164 public figures convene on a ‎regular basis until 10 April. ‎

The first meeting was held yesterday and was attended by Arab ‎League Secretary General ‎Amr Moussa, Deputy ‎Prime Minister and chairperson Yehia Al-‎Gamal and Orascom ‎Telecom Executive Chairman Naguib Sawiris, ‎among other ‎dignitaries and ministers. ‎
The Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution took no part in the session and are expected to explain ‎later in a press conference why they were not in attendance at the pivotal first meeting.‎

Presidential hopeful, Mohamed El-Baradei, was also blaringly absent from the meeting. ‎

Four more meetings are scheduled for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and the following Sunday.‎

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf addressed the participants, stressing the ‎‎importance of the National Dialogue and the ‎contribution of all participants.‎

‎“The door is open for all patriotic entities that are making the Egyptian dream,” said ‎‎former ‎Minister of Transportation Sharaf, whose statement comes in slight contrast to the fact that various important political movements were not invited.‎

Several figures spoke later to further define the purposes of the National Dialogue.‎

A number of participants later sounded disgruntlement with lack of ‎organisation of the ‎first meeting. ‎

The National Dialogue is meant to facilitate communication between political parties, individuals and the ‎government, allowing a platform through which they can express their perspectives and goals. ‎

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