19 convicted of thuggery ‎by military court

Ahram Online, Thursday 31 Mar 2011

An Egyptian military court has handed down stiff sentences to a number of individuals convicted of acts of thuggery

A military court has returned guilty verdicts against 19 individuals charged with acts of thuggery and ‎terrorising citizens.‎
Ahmed Saber was sentenced to 10 years in jail and fined LE500 for possessing an ‎unlicensed firearm and live ammunition. He was adjudged guilty of bullying also. ‎

Rami Wasef was convicted of attempted robbery at gunpoint, among other charges. He ‎was handed the same sentence with no fine.‎

Mahmoud Mahran, Dyaa Eliwa, Mahmoud Abdul-Al, Rami Abdul-Al, Mohamed Abdul-‎Monem, Abdul-Mawgoud Hamdan and Karim Saied Shehata were each sentenced to 15 ‎years in high-security prison for throwing Molotov cocktails on some Duweiqa residents, ‎among other charges.‎

Three more were sentenced to 15 years in jail after being indicted on similar charges, while ‎others were sentenced to three and seven years.‎

All unlicensed firearms were confiscated. ‎

The 25 January Revolution prompted the disappearance of the police for weeks, ‎which saw crime rates soar.‎ Human rights watchdogs and activists have always condemned putting civilians in front of military ‎trials.‎

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has been ruling the country since the ‎overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak on 11 February. Presidential elections are to be held later this year.

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