Alexandria sees protests on 'Save the Revolution Day'

Ahram Online, Friday 1 Apr 2011

Demonstrators condemn military trials of civilians and accuse army of defending interests of former regime

Thousands joined demonstrations in Alexandria on “Save the Revolution” Friday, protesting military trials of civilians and condemning the role played by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Demonstrators gathered on Friday morning at Morsi Abu El-Abbas and from there marched through the streets of Alexandria's city centre. They chanted against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces for its trial of civilians in military tribunals and accused it of defending the interests of the ousted president Mubarak and his regime.

According to witnesses, the army detained and tortured protesters seized in Tahrir Square on 9 March after which several were put on trial in military courts and handed prison sentences. The military denies charges of torture.

The call to take the streets in defence of the revolution was triggered, according to activists, by a common belief that the revolution’s demands were not being met.  

Activists complain that the revolution is still far from successful. Mubarak has not been put on trial and the NDP is still at work. Local councils and governors appointed by the old regime have not been replaced and editors of all the national papers, associated and hired by the old regime, remain in their positions.

At the same time, members of the old regime still dominate most workers’ unions and public companies. The emergency law has not been lifted and most political detainees remain in captivity.

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