Rebel campaign leader's house attacked by Brotherhood protesters

Ahram Online , Friday 3 Jan 2014

Mahmoud Badr is one of the founders of the anti-Morsi group which spearheaded the 30 June protests

Mahmoud Badr
Mahmoud Badr, leading member of Egypt's Tamarod (Rebel) campaign. (Photo: Reuters)

The Rebel (“Tamarod”) group has said on its Facebook page that Muslim Brotherhood supporters are attacking the house of one of its founders.

Pro-Brotherhood protesters took to the streets in many cities around Egypt on Friday to broadcast their opposition to the current authorities. Five people were reportedly killed in clashes with police.

Rebel, a group that spearheaded the successful campaign to oust the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi from the presidency, said that angry protesters had attacked the house of founder Mahmoud Badr in southern Cairo.

The group said that residents of the neighbourhood clashed with the attackers in an attempt to protect the building. It was unclear whether Badr was inside the building.

One of Morsi's staunchest opponents, Badr has been criticised for defending the policies of the current transitional government despite criticism against its heavy-handed moves against the opposition.

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