Former MP Zahran dismayed at Mubarak’s deluxe dwelling

Ahram Online, Saturday 2 Apr 2011

The former independent MP Gamal Zahran has expressed dismay that toppled President Hosni Mubarak is continuing to live in luxury on the Red Sea

Hosni Mubarak in Sharm El-Sheikh November 20, 2007 (Reuters)

Former independent MP Gamal Zahran expressed dismay at Hosni Mubarak’s luxurious ‎residence, saying the toppled president shouldn’t be "enjoying fresh air in a enormous ‎palace overlooking the sea in Sharm El-Sheikh’‎"‎

Mubarak’s regime was brought down on 11 February after an 18-day revolt, and the former ‎commander-in-chief has been residing in the coastal resort ever since.‎
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has recently announced that the 82-year-old and ‎his family members — all accused of misusing their political power to accumulate vast illegal ‎profits — have been put under house arrest pending an investigation.‎

Thousands of protesters gathered Friday in Tahrir Square, among other locations, ‎calling on the interim Egyptian authorities to fulfil their unmet demands, including the trial of Mubarak.‎

In the wake of the "Save the Revolution" day, Zahran stressed that "all the ousted regime’s ‎figures have to be brought to justice before they manage to get away with their crimes."‎

‎“It’s strange that the ex-president is enjoying fresh air in a enormous palace overlooking ‎the sea in Sharm El-Sheikh, causing the whole resort to be surrounded [for security ‎reasons],” said Zahran, a political science professor. ‎

Protesters remained in Tahrir Square until midnight. Many wanted to spent the night in ‎the epicentre of the 25 January Revolution, but military forces ordered them to leave.‎

Protesters stressed that ex-parliament ‎chief Fathi Sorour, former Shura Council head Safwat ‎Al-Sherif and chief of the presidential ‎administration Zakria Azmi should face prosecution as well. ‎Assistant to Egypt's justice minister Asem El-Gohari has already prepared a ministerial decree ‎preventing the trio and their wives from leaving the country.‎

Some also called for the sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Yehia Al-Gamal, referring ‎to him as one of the old administration’s symbols.

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