Brotherhood left members to die at Rabaa: Salafist preacher El-Borhamy

Ahram Online , Tuesday 21 Jan 2014

Sheikh Yasser El-Borhamy says that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders abandoned their followers to face death in the dispersal of sit-ins

Sheikh Yasser El Borhamy
Sheikh Yasser El Borhamy (Photo:Ahram Online)

Prominent Egyptian Salafist Sheikh Yasser El-Borhamy has levelled accusations at Muslim Brotherhood leaders for last August's violent dispersals of the group's two sit-ins in Cairo, saying that they are responsible for the hundreds of their members who were killed by security forces whom "they abandoned".

Speaking in the online "Ana Salafi" forum, a popular Salafist site administered by the Salafist Call, which El-Borhamy co-founded, he said that the Brotherhood encouraged its members to stand "in fake persistence against bullets" at Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda so that their casualties would drive up the public's hatred of the army.

El-Borhamy added that the now-banned group's desperate last stand at the two protest sites had nothing to do with true Islamic jihad.

Describing Egyptian army minister General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as a "religious man," El-Borhamy said that it was not possible for the popular army leader to have given a command to kill all the protesters at the sit-ins.

"If it were so," he said, "there would have been tens of thousands of fatalities."

The Salafist forum in which El-Borhamy was speaking provides Islamic sheikhs to answer a variety of religious inquiries.


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