Egypt's April 6 denounces fresh arrests, warns of 'third revolution'

Ahram Online, Wednesday 22 Jan 2014

Six members of April 6 Youth Movement were arrested for handing out flyers calling for gatherings on the third anniversary of the January 2011 revolution

April 6 Youth Movement (Democratic Front) has condemned the arrest of six of its members for distributing flyers calling for gatherings on the revolution's anniversary.

They were arrested at Cairo's Shohada Metro station and detained for nine hours before being released without charge.

"If your message is that the revolution happened so only [Mubarak] regime figures and pro-military people have their freedom, then a third revolution is on its way because of your actions. Your oppression of the youth for merely distributing flyers is a clear invitation to rebel against your injustices," the statement read.

"If calling for a gathering on the anniversary of the revolution is considered a crime then why aren't media people and politicians who do the same being punished as well?"

Egypt's recently passed constitution pledges to fulfil the demands of and protect the gains of the revolution.

However, there has been a crackdown on symbols of the revolution. April 6 founder Ahmed Maher and prominent activists Ahmed Douma and Mohamed Adel were recently sentenced to three years in jail and LE50,000 fines for violating a newly implemented protest law.

On Monday, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim called on Egyptians to congregate to celebrate the anniversary, adding that police would be on the streets.

Any attempts to disturb law and order would be met with extreme force while “adhering to the law,” the minister was quoted as saying by state news agency MENA.

25 January is the third of the anniversary of the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

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