Egyptian diplomat: elections are not over yet

Dina Ezzat , Tuesday 30 Nov 2010

Egyptian diplomat thinks the US is jumping the gun in its assessment of the parliamentary elections

"The elections are not over yet; there are still run-offs and there is always a legal process to attend to grievances and complaints that might be filed by candidates and monitors," commented an Egyptian diplomat who requested his name be withheld.

The diplomat spoke to Ahram Online regarding a statement that was issued by the US State Department late last night (Cairo local time) to express disappointment over the parliamentary elections process and its initial results.

The statement issued is similar to a statement that the US administration issued in the wake of the Shura Council elections to express disappointment over how the Egyptian government handled those elections at the time.

An American diplomat in Cairo had said on the eve of the parliamentary elections that the US State Department would express its dismay if it found it necessary.

Western diplomats in Cairo, who had been following the elections, say they are dismayed by what they consider wide and conspicuous rigging in favor of the ruling National Democratic Party's candidates.

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