Police to arrest social media users 'inciting' violence

Ahram Online , Thursday 30 Jan 2014

Egypt's interior ministry says it will track and arrest Facebook users who use the social media site to promote violence and terrorism; 10 suspects already arrested

Egypt's interior ministry has said that it will start arresting those using social media websites to incite violence against the police and other citizens.

In a statement released on Thursday, the ministry said that its initiative to track online users is in response to "terrorist" Muslim Brotherhood members who use social media sites to urge others to commit violence as well as to provide detailed instructions on how to create explosives and plant them in police cars and buildings.

The statement included the names of 10 Brotherhood members who had all been arrested, most of whom had allegedly administered Facebook pages that incited violence against police and advocated the use of terrorism against the state.

Among the possibly incriminating sites were ones called the "Phantom of Damanhour," from the Nile Delta city, the "The Revolutionaries of Beni Suef Movement"  and "Al-Sharif Ahmed Salam Al-Hashim," which police separately accused of calling for attacks against police and the formation of Islamist militias.

The ministry said charges had been levied against all the suspects, who now face jail terms in high security prisons in accordance with the penal code.


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