Suspecting terror attempt, Egyptian police shoot dead bus driver by mistake

Ahram Online, Friday 31 Jan 2014

Microbus driver was reportedly driving in the wrong lane as he approached a police checkpoint

Egyptian police killed the driver of a microbus near a security checkpoint in Giza's 6 October City on Friday.

In a statement, the interior ministry said the microbus "breached the safe zone" near the checkpoint and did not respond to the police's warning shots.

Al-Ahram Arabic website reported that the driver was driving in the wrong direction and approached the vicinity of the police station.

The police, according to Al-Ahram, shot at the driver as he approached the police station, killing him and injuring one of the passengers.

The police also arrested the three passengers in the vehicle.

According to Al-Ahram, the driver did not attempt to fire at the police checkpoint and the police's investigations found no explosives in the microbus. 

Two bombs went off on earlier on Friday morning in front of a police barracks on a highway just outside of Cairo, injuring one policeman.

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