Calls for a million man march on Friday

Ahram Online, Tuesday 5 Apr 2011

The Coordination Committee of the People of the January-25 Revolution calls for a new ‎million man march on Friday in Tahrir Square

A million-man march
A million-man march in Tahrir Square (Reuters)‎

The Coordination Committee of the People of the January-25 Revolution has called for another ‎million man march next Friday in Tahrir Square to reiterate that ‘the Egyptians’ basic ‎demands’ have to be met soon. ‎
The committee called for the march, which is named ‘Friday of trial and cleansing’, following a ‎meeting with several opposition groups on Monday, including the Muslim Brotherhood and ‎the Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution.‎

Arresting and prosecuting ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his family members, who ‎are all under house arrest in Sharm El-Sheik pending an investigation, is the primary demand of the ‎committee. ‎

Bringing to justice all former oligarchs such as Fathi ‎Sorour, Safwat Al-Sherif and Zakaria Azmi was also highlighted as a major demand. ‎The former heads of Parliament, the Upper House and Hosni Mubarak’s office respectively ‎were the inner circle of the old guard supporting Mubarak during his tenure within the ‎National Democratic Party.‎

They are also held accountable for the counter-revolution, which resulted in over 600 dead ‎and several thousand injured.‎

Egyptian bloggers and activists had urged Egyptians to rally in Tahrir Square last Friday for pretty ‎much the same reasons.

The last protest - which drew tens of thousands to the street in Cairo and other Egyptian cities - was followed by the decision to freeze the assets of Azmi, Al-Sherif and Sorour as well as a court ruling allowing for their bank accounts to be inspected.‎

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