HRW urges Egyptian military to free blogger

Ekram Ibrahim , Wednesday 6 Apr 2011

Human Rights Watch sees the detention of a blogger for criticising the military as a ‘dangerous precedent’ and calls for his release

Human Rights Watch calls on Egypt’s ruling military to free Maikel Nabil, the blogger facing trial for “insulting the army,” today.

“Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces should drop all charges against a blogger for his internet posts critical of the military,” HRW said on Tuesday.

Nabil was detained on 28 March for publishing a study on his blog analysing the army actions before, during and after the 25 January revolution. The army called this analysis “disturbing public security.”

Meanwhile, right activists became very sceptical about the issue, as it is against human rights that a civilian being trailed for voicing his opinions. “It is pretty stunning in Egypt’s supposed ‘new era of rights’ to see the military government prosecuting someone in a military court for writing about the military. This trial sets a dangerous precedent at a time when Egypt is trying to transition away from the abuses of the Mubarak era,” said Sarah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director, HRW.

After Mubarak stepped down the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has detained several protesters, raising concerns about human rights issues in Egypt after the revolution.  

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