Brotherhood argues Western response to Ukraine violence is 'double standard'

Ahram Online, Friday 21 Feb 2014

Muslim Brotherhood slam US, EU and UN for taking action against Ukrainian government while not taking a firm stance against what it claims are similar violations in Egypt

Egypt's Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood released a statement on Friday condemning what they described as "Western powers’ double standards," comparing the West’s response to ongoing violence in Ukraine with its take on last summer’s ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

"Western politicians and human rights organisations, even the United Nations, sprang into action, with the White House in Washington warning the Ukraine army not to get involved in the conflict that must be resolved among civilians, threatening to impose sanctions on the Ukrainian government. The European Union, too, threatened sanctions,” the statement read.  

The statement contrasted these actions, which are in response to “the principles of human rights” with Western powers position on Egypt “where murderous military generals executed a bloody traitorous coup against democratic and constitutional legitimacy,” referring to the ouster of Morsi in July 2013.  

The statement, released in English, criticised Western politicians for failing to take action against the Egyptian authorities.

"While the criminal brutality in Ukraine is certainly reprehensible, it is nothing compared with the coup regime's repressive crimes in Egypt. However, we never see any Western politicians do anything but pay only feeble lip service condemning those crimes, while practically affirming partnership with the illegitimate coup regime, providing it with all support to enable it to survive the crisis and get stronger."

Ukraine has been witnessing ongoing anti-government protests for months. The latest clashes between protesters and security forces left dozens dead.  

On Thursday, the European Union agreed to impose a travel ban and asset freeze on Ukrainians with "blood on their hands", said Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino. The United States stepped up pressure by imposing travel bans on 20 senior Ukrainian officials.

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