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Countering the counter-revolution: Live updates from Tahrir and around the country

Over a million descend on Tahrir and streets around the country demanding the full dismantling of an old regime bent on counter-revolution

Ahram Online, Friday 8 Apr 2011
Alexandria protests
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Views: 10544

6: 30 Bundles of barbed wire, apparently brought out to use as cordons, lay unused on the ground. There was no sign of the army around the square early Saturday.

6:00  am: Hundreds were still left in the rock- strewn square. Protesters showed off casings of live rounds they said were used overnight. One demonstrator pointed to a pool of blood.

3 - 5 am:  After a protest by hundreds of thousands of Egyptians during the day Friday, the army surrounded the Tahrir after curfew, set from 2 a.m., to push out those who remained by force.

18:00 Hundreds of demonstators are still gathering in front of the Israeli embassy.

16:41 Hundreds of demonstrators gather before the high rise apartment building in Giza housing the Israeli embassy, hoisting Egyptian and Palestinian flags. Residents of the apartment building join in the protest, by putting out raised Egyptian flags through their windows. The demonstrators are protesting Israel's recent attacks on Gaza and demanding an end to the occupation.

16:30 Military helicopter hovering over Tahrir is reminiscent of the helicopters that flew over protesters during the 25 January revolution.

16:05 The mother of Khaled Saeed, the young Egyptian whose death at police hands in Alexandria was among the revolution's triggering factors, is on stage giving her personal testimony to  the ruthlessesness of the Mubarak regime.

"Who was it that unjustly killed people?" Khaled Said's mother cried, the crowd answered "Mubarak".

"Who tortured the youth?" she asked. "Mubarak", the crowd answered and added "We are all Khaled." In her speech she asked for Habib El-Adly, the former minister of interior, to be tried.

16:00 Mubarak's mock trial begins.The prosecutor makes an impassioned speech and asks for the death sentence.

15:55 A Libyan protester calls upon Egyptians to demonstrate in solidarity with the Libyan revolution in front of Arab League Headquarters, close to Tahrir Square, next Sunday at 10 am. He chanted slogans against Muammar Ghaddafi, to which the Egyptian protesters added their voices.

15:40 Thousands of university students who gathered in front of Cairo University arrive in Tahrir Square.

15:30 A group of protesters in Tahrir burn the Israeli flag.

15:28 Protesters in Tahrir Square are threatening to lay siege to the closeby state television headquarters, known as Maspero, if the top officials of the state run TV and Radio Union are not sacked.

15:15 AFP: Seven army officers on Friday defied a warning from the ruling military council and joined the protesters. "Our demands are your demands. We want a civilian government. We want to try corrupt people," one said to raucous cheers from a podium.

To refute the implication made by the military council that there could be some civilians pretending to be military, these officers brandished their military ID's to the crowds of Tahrir, sending them into another happy uproar.

15:10 Mamdouh Hamza, a well-known urban developer, estimates taht the crowds in Tahrir Square to have reached a stunning 1.5 million.

14:57 Libyans protesting in their own Tahrir Square in Benghazi are calling on Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to officially recognize the rebel’s chosen interim government.

2:55 Ten Egyptians in military uniforms are on stage addressing the demonstrators in Tahrir. This sparks the demonstrators to chant: “The army and the people are one hand.”

Flags, flags, and even more flags everywhre... Iraqi, Yemeni, Lybian, Syrian and Palestinan flags are seen all over Tahrir Square, expressing the Egyptian revolutionaries' solidarity with their counterparts in other Arab countries.

14:35 Over 100,000 protesters in Alexandria march from El-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque along the Cornice, demanding that ousted president Mubarak be put on trial for corruption and crimes against humanity. They say they will head to the military base in Sidi Gaber.

The second phase of Mubarak’s mock trial will begin in Tahrir Square at 3pm. Last week a mock trial of Mubarak was held in Tahrir, and today, it is to be headed by Judge Mahmoud Khodairy, the actual deputy head of the Court of Cassation.

14:30 Eye witness in Tahrir Square say a group of military officers are among the protesters.

14:15 Ali El-Haggar, popular and beloved Egyptian singer, takes the stage in Tahrir Square

14:02 According to Misr Times, an Egyptian e-magazine, thousands of protesters have congregated in Opera Square, in Sohag, 400 km South of Cairo, in solidarity with the Tahrir Square protesters.

13:40 Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians continue flooding into Tahrir Square after Friday prayers.

13:35 Mamdouh Hamza, well-known urban developer, is giving his speech (one of 15 planned for today’s Tahrir protests). Hamza calls for demonstrations in Sharm El-Sheikh, where Mubarak is hiding out, next Friday if Mubarak is not prosecuted. In reply, demonstrators cheered and chanted “We are millions, ready to be martyred marching to Sharm.”

13:00 Ahram Online reporter on the ground in Tahrir Square: Immense amount of Egyptian flags, and some Palestinian and Syrian flags are being waved in solidarity. At the entrance of Qasr El Einy street, a huge Egyptian flag is hoisted by dozens of protesters. People are chanting: “The people want the assassin [Mubarak] to be tried”.

12:50 Many Egyptians are coming in to Tahrir  from governorates around the country. The Muslim Brotherhood which had been conspicuously absent in last Friday's protest is clearly present today.

12:42 Tweets report demonstrators marching in Suez from Forty Square and Martyr's Square to add their voices to Tahrir demands for holding Mubarak and his clique to account.

12:40 According to eye witness on Twitter, demonstrators in Sefaga, a town 50km south of tourist town Hurghada, are supporting the Tahrir protests in their own square, El-Samaka.

12:00 Safwat Hagazi has begun the Muslim Friday sermon in Tahrir Square. Tens of thousands are now gathered, filling the square.

Safwat Hagazi in his Friday sermon that he would go to Sharm El Sheikh to demand retribution against Mubarak if the former president is not brought to trial soon.

Hagazi also added his voice to demands of the Revolution Youth Coaltion that all university presidents and deans should be sacked. He also demanded that the General Prosecutor, Abdel Mageed Mahmoud, should be removed from office.

11:00 Civilian checkpoints are filtering Tahrir Square. Ahram Online reporter says Tahrir is halfway full already before the Friday prayers even start. The spirit of Tahrir is abuzz.

10.00 The military council has issued a warning that any civilians wearing a military uniform at the protest will face a swift military trial, the state-owned Al-Ahram reported on Friday.

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