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Mubarak is smuggling money out, accuses Youth Coalition

Youth Coalition file formal complaint to ruling military that ousted President Mubarak is smuggling his money out by boat through the red sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh and call for the money to be returned

Ahram Online, Friday 8 Apr 2011

The January 25 Revolution Youth Coalition has filed a complaint to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces accusing former President Mubarak of smuggling his money out of Egypt.

According to the complaint, Mubarak has smuggled money, gold and jewellery out of his current residence in the Sharm El Sheikh Martim Jolie Ville resort onto a ship that has sailed out through the sea.

They claim that the president began smuggling the money out of Sharm El Sheikh after his former chief of staff, Zakaria Azzmi was arrested on 7 April.

In another statement issued by the coalition, they claim that Egypt is the richest country in the world but has been robbed every day for the past few decades and, therefore, still has money. They added that today’s mass demonstration in Tahrir Square will demand the return to Egyptians of all the money that was stolen from the country as well as the purging the country from corruption and putting corrupt figures on trial.

They said that the coalition youth will wear red caps so that other protesters can identify them.

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