Egypt bids farewell to Jewish community figure Nadia Haroun

Ahram Online, Tuesday 11 Mar 2014

Funeral for deputy head of Egypt's Jewish community takes place at Cairo's Adly Street Synagogue, as hundreds arrive to commemorate her

Nadia Haroun
Funeral of Jewish community figure Nadia Haroun (Photo: Amira Hesham)

Hundreds gathered at Adly Street Synagogue in downtown Cairo on Tuesday to pay respects to Nadia Haroun, the deputy head of Egypt's Jewish community who died on Thursday following a heart attack.

Haroun, 59, was married to leftist activist Ahmed Qassem and is survived by a son and daughter.

Her funeral took place on Tuesday morning at the synagogue. Later in the evening, many came to pay their condolences to Haroun's family members, which include some of Egypt's most prominent Jewish figures.

Haroun was the younger sister of Magda Haroun, the current head of the Egyptian Jewish community. She was also the daughter of prominent leftist activist Shehata Haroun, who refused to immigrate to Israel and remained in Egypt. Shehata Haroun was known for his anti-Zionist views and his opposition to the Camp David accords.

According to estimates, there are less than 100 Egyptian Jews living in the country.

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