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Mubarak breaks silence: welcomes investigations to clear his name

Mubarak bemoans the trashing of his family’s reputation in a telephone interview aired on TV from his Sharm El Sheikh resort and welcomes investigations

Sherif Tarek , Sunday 10 Apr 2011
Hosni Mubarak
Toppled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak

In a short recorded exclusive speech to Al-Arabia TV, Egyptian ex-‎president Hosni Mubarak broke his silence by claiming that he and his family members have had been wrongly accused of illegal profiteering.‎
‎“I have been suffering great pain as a result of the false accusations my family ‎and I have faced,” Mubarak said in his usual confident tone. “There is a smear campaign ‎aiming to tarnish my reputation, dignity and my military and political history.”‎

‎“I opted to step down as president, putting the best interest of my nation and its ‎people above all, and chose to move away from political life.” ‎

‎“However, I spent a lifetime serving my nation in an honest manner and I cannot remain ‎silent amid such smear campaigns and attempts to destroy my reputation and that of my ‎family.”

‎“I have waited over the past weeks for the truth to be revealed to the prosecutor general from ‎all countries around the world: that I do not possess any financial assets or real estate ‎abroad.”

‎“In order to quash the wrong allegations, I hereby announce that I welcome any petition from the prosecutor general to authorise the foreign ministry to contact ‎all foreign ministries around the world to check if we have opened any bank accounts since my time in the military and during political lines of work.”‎

‎“The sources of the assets and accounts of my sons Alaa and Gamal are all legitimate and beyond legal doubts or abuse of political power.”

‎“After all the parties finish their investigations and confirm what I’ve been saying, I will exercise my ‎legal right to reply to all those who tried to bring me, my reputation and that of my ‎family down, whether here or abroad.”‎

Mubarak was toppled on 11 February, following the 25 January Revolution, which ‎lasted for 18 days.‎

Many figures of the toppled regime have been put on trial, including Safwat El-Sherif, ‎minister of information for 22 years and chairman of the Upper House for seven; Fathi ‎Sorour, the parliament speaker for 20 years; and Zakaria Azmi, the president's chief of ‎staff for 22 years.‎

Mubarak, whose speech on Al-Arabia TV was his first media statement since his ‎overthrow, has been under house arrest - along with his family - in the coastal resort of Sharm El-Sheik pending an investigation. ‎

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