Emotional speech won’t affect Mubarak proceedings: prosecutor general

MENA, Sunday 10 Apr 2011

Abdel Meguid Mahmoud affirms that legal proceedings against former President Mubarak and his family will move forward despite Mubarak's assertion of innocence

Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud has underlined that ex-President Hosni ‎Mubarak’s emotional speech, exclusively broadcast on Al-Arabia television ‎Sunday, would not affect the proceedings against him and his family members.‎
Mubarak and his family are accused of abusing their political powers to ‎accumulate illegal profits. They have been under house arrest in Sharm El-Sheikh ‎pending an investigation. ‎

The ousted commander-in-chief said in his speech that he and his family ‎members have been wrongly accused, saying that some with malicious intentions have ‎triggered smear campaigns against them.

The 82-year-old stressed that he is fully ready to corporate with the prosecutor ‎general to prove that neither he nor his family members boast any real estate or bank ‎accounts abroad.

Mubarak was overthrown on 11 February following 18 days of popular revolt that began 25 January.‎

Many figures of the toppled regime have been put on trial, including former Shura Council Chairman Safwat El-Sherif, ex-Parliament Speaker Fathi Sorour and Zakaria Azmi, the former ‎president's chief of staff.‎

Mubarak’s speech on Al-Arabia TV is his first media statement since his overthrow.‎

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