April 6 Movement likens Mubarak speech to Bin Laden's

Ahram Online, Monday 11 Apr 2011

The April 6 Movement slams the Mubarak speech, citing similarities with Bin Laden’s style and squarely blaming Mubarak for the death of protesters

The April 6 Movement slammed Hosni Mubarak’s attempt to deny accusations of illegal ‎‎profiteering, saying his Sunday speech was quite similar to those of Osama Bin Laden and ‎Ayman ‎Al-Zawahri, Al-Qaeda head and number two man, respectively. ‎
In a short recorded exclusive speech to Al-Arabia TV the Egyptian deposed ‎president ‎broke his silence after reclusion by claiming that he and his family members have had been wrongly ‎accused of abusing their power to accumulate assets all over the world.‎
‎    ‎
Mubarak’s words didn’t go down well at all as many opposition parties and pro-revolution ‎coalitions disparaged him and stressed the importance of trying him as well as his family ‎members. ‎

Among those who criticised Mubarak was the April 6 Movement, who highlighted the ‎resemblance between the former commander-in-chief and Al-Qaeda’s top figures. ‎

‎“He got back on the scene with a recorded speech, which was pretty similar to those of Al-‎Qaeda leaders, Osama Bin Laden and Ayman ‎Al-Zawahri,” read a statement emitted by the April 6 ‎Movement.‎

‎“But this time he appeared to threaten the honest Egyptians who exposed his corruption ‎and that of his oligarchy and called for their trial.” ‎

‎“He denied what Switzerland and other countries all around the world had announced that ‎he owns real estate and other assets abroad ... [former first lady] Suzanne Mubarak also ‎boasts secret bank accounts affiliated with the Library of Alexandria and shares in big ‎companies such as Palms Hills. Gamal and Alaa Mubarak were also involved in the gas deal ‎with Israel.‎”

‎“Mubarak wanted to come across as an innocent angel who was unfairly treated by his own ‎people. But even if his lies were true, the fact that he’s involved in shooting down ‎protesters doesn’t change.”  ‎

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