Ten arrested trying to cross Egyptian borders to Israel

Ahram Arabic Portal , Wednesday 1 Dec 2010

Egyptian security forces say they have arrested ten persons trying to illegally cross Egypt-Israel border

An Egyptian security source said Wednesday that Egyptian security forces stopped ten people from illegally crossing the Egyptian borders into Israel. Six of those arrested are from Sudan's Darfur and four from Eritrea.    

The source said that a police patrol spotted ten people trying to sneak into Israel in the area of Al Kuntela in Sinai, and fired warning bullets in the air to stop them.

During investigations, the ten allegedly admitted that they were trying to reach Israel to find jobs and that they had paid smugglers to assist them cross the border. The ten have been detained in Al Arish central prison. Both the Sudanese and Eritrean embassies have been informed.    

Attempts by immigrants to enter Israel through Egypt's borders have increased over the past two years. Egyptian police has shot and killed a number of them in Sinai, drawing critical response from rights watchdogs. This year Israel declared that it is planning to build a 250 km security fence along the Egyptian-Israeli border, as well as a large detention center, to crack down on this flow of immigrants.

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