Tribal reconciliation essential in Aswan: Committee head

Ahram Online, Sunday 13 Apr 2014

The situation is calmer in Aswan after days of tribal violence last week, but further reconciliation efforts are underway

Aswan tribal clashes (Photo: Ahram)

Reconciliation is the only way to prevent a resumption of tribal violence in Aswan, the head of a government-appointed fact-finding committee has said.

In an interview with Al-Ahram, Mansour Kebash said the committee had made progress.

They had visited relatives of the victims to extend their condolences, he added.

Bani Helal, an Arab tribe, and Daboudiya, a Nubian tribe, were involved in deadly clashes last week that left 26 people dead.

Kebash said both tribes were willing to reconcile to prevent more bloodshed.

The conflict reportedly broke out when a girl from one tribe was harassed by pupils from the other. Feuding pupils then wrote offensive graffiti on the school walls.

The authorities persuaded the tribes to broker a one-month truce, with the stipulation that any breach would lead to military and police intervention.

However, Kebash said he would not describe the current situation in Aswan as a truce, rather efforts were underway to calm the situation.

Kebash said tribes in Aswan had played a crucial role in calming the situation.   

At a press conference on Saturday, the committee said random gun fire had killed seven members of the Nubian tribe and injured 16 others.

Afterwards, Nubians clashed with Bani Helal members, resulting in 18 dead and 23 injured.

Meanwhile, Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam, Ahmed El-Tayeb, announced on Saturday that it would form a committee to supervise compensation for the victims of the violence.

Twenty-five schools in the city reopened on Saturday after being closed for a week due to the violence.


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