29 Morsi supporters sentenced to 3 years for attempting Tahrir sit-in

El-Sayed Gamal ElDeen, Wednesday 23 Apr 2014

A Cairo court sentences 29 supporters of ousted Islamist president to three years in jail for trying to hold a sit-in in Tahrir Square

A Cairo court on Wednesday sentenced 29 supporters of ousted Islamist prison Mohamed Morsi to three years in prison for illegal demonstrations and rioting last December, judicial sources said.

The verdict comes in connection to protests that the Morsi loyalists have staged since his ouster in July.

The court said the 29 had attempted to hold a sit-in in Tahrir Square before being dispersed by security forces. They were convicted for rioting and intentional sabotage of public property.

Pro-Morsi protesters have refused to acknowledge Egypt's interim authorities and have held near-daily demonstrations in the eight months following the Islamist president’s overthrow, often ending in violent confrontations with police and their political opponents.

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters are currently detained or standing in trials, including Morsi himself and the group's top leadership on a variety of charges, some of which could lead to death penalty.

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