Revolutionary Youth Coalition protests El-Fiqqi's nomination for the Arab League

Dina Ezzat, Wednesday 13 Apr 2011

After plans to suspend their Friday demonstration the Revolutionary Youth Coalition call for the withdrawal of El-Fiqqi's nomination, deemed as inappropriate given his history during the former Mubarak regime


In a press conference held earlier on Wednesday, the Revolutionary Youth Coalition called on the ruling Military Supreme Council to withdraw the nomination, made by Egypt earlier in the week, of Mustafa El-Fiqqi as a candidate for the upcoming vacant position of Arab League Secretary General.

This is the fourth demand on a list whose three other demands are the dismissal of governors and deans of universities, the dissolution of local councils, and the retrieval of all state estates that were acquired by the previously ruling National Democratic Party.

The Revolutionary Youth Coalition’s call against the nomination of El-Fiqqi is the second in 48 hours. A day following his nomination, the 6 April Movement qualified the selection of El-Fiqqi for the position as inappropriate given his history as a former member of the presidential political secretariat and his long membership of the NDP up until the early days of the revolution.

While El-Fiqqi declines all characterisations of having a close association with the ousted Hosni Mubarak regime, he is calling for support from several Arab capitals.

"Already some Arab diplomats are re-expressing their confidence in the nomination of Mustafa El-Fiqqi," said an Egyptian official. However, he added that at the same time several Arab capitals are expressing their concern over the nomination. "We are told we should have nominated (Foreign Minister Nabil) El-Arabi, but El-Arabi did not want to be nominated," he added.

In the press conference, which took place today, the Youth Coalition said that their next Friday demonstration would be suspended pending on the accommodation of the four requests.

According to concerned Egyptian officials, Cairo is hoping it can by-pass the opposition of the youth movements over the nomination, "but we are taking into consideration the possibility that we have to come up with yet another nomination".

The names on the tentative lists, offered by different sources, include El-Arabi, Ahmed Kamal Abul-Magd a prominent Egyptian intellectual, former head of the State Council Tarek El-Beshri, and Yehia El-Gamal, the current deputy Prime Minister.

With the exception of El-Arabi, all other nominees amongst the older gentlemen, who enjoy wide Arab respect, may ask to be excused over health reasons.

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