Runoff in Egyptian presidential elections kicks off for expats

Ahram Online, Saturday 2 Jun 2012

Egyptians abroad are about to vote in the runoff round of the post-revolution elections tomorrow

Eg Elections
Second round of Egyptian Elections kicks off. (Photo: Reuters)

Only one day after the judge announced the verdict against Egypt's ousted president Mubarak, the runoff round in the first post-revolution presidential elections kicks off on 3 June for Egyptians living abroad.

586,802 eligible voters are expected to take part in the second round of the elections, who they have until 9 June to cast their vote.

The vice president of the ministry of foreign affairs in the elections control room, Mohamed El-Shinnawy, confirms that all steps have been taken to ensure that the voting process goes well.

"Vote counting will start on 9 June, as soon as the voting process ends. The results will be announced through the embassies," he stated.

El-Shinnawy refutes that the Mubarak verdict will impact the voting process and expects it to be smoother than the initial round, because there are only two candidates in this runoff election.

The initial voting in Egypt's presidential elections took place between 23-24 May. Since none of the 13 candidates garnered a clear majority (over 50 per cent), this left the top two candidates: Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi and Mubarak-era prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, to compete in the runoffs in June.

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