Police and Coptic protestors clash in Alexandria

Yasmine Fathi and Salma El-Wardani in Alexandria, Saturday 1 Jan 2011

Several demonstrations errupted in Alexandria today following the devastating bombing of the Saints church

Protestors, outraged by the horrific bombing attack on the Saints church, in the Alexandria district of Sidi Bishr, clashed with police near Mar Girgis hospital, where the injured from the blast are being hospitalized. Injured demonstrators could be seen near the hospital and several suffered suffocation as a result of tear gas canisters hurled by anti-riot police in order to disperse the demonstration.
Eyewitnesses say some protestors were injured.
Family members leaving the hospital told Ahram Online they had just lost their relatives, who died of their injuries in hospital.
Meanwhile, a few thousand demonstrators gathered in the area of Mar Morcos, where the bombed church and the Mari Girgis hospital are located, chanting “Muslims and Christians will not be disunited”, protestors told Ahram Online that they are residents of the area, and do not belong to any specific group or organization.
Torkeya Abdelsalam, one of the demonstrators and a Muslim, said she lives near the Saints church and has witnessed the explosion. AbdelSalam said, “this is not Islam,” and that she was taking part in the protest to demonstrate this.
However, there were also clashes between Copts and Muslims, in the area. Some media reports suggest that a dozen were injured in these clashes, which police succeeded in ending shortly after they began.


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