Egypt’s students mourn victims of Alexandria bombing

Mohamed Habib, Sunday 2 Jan 2011

Schools mourn the victims of the Alexandria church bombing and the importance of respecting others is enforced in specially arranged lectures as Egypt responds to Saturday's atrocity

All schools and universities held a minute’s silence today to mourn the victims of sectarian terrorism in Alexandria. Egypt’s minister of education, Ahmed Zaki Badr, had ordered the silence be held.  

Moreover, school teachers lectured on the importance of acknowledging others and highlighted the common history of both Copts and Muslims and pinpointed the mosaic culture Egypt has always been.

Furthermore, professors repeated the government’s assertion that “foreign hands” were responsible for such sectarian violence.

The terrorist attack took place in the early hours of Saturday when an alleged suicide bomber detonated a bomb in-front of the two Saints’ church. The attack happened while Copts were attending the New Year’s mass. The attack resulted in 21 deaths so far and more than 75 injured.


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