Political parties and civic groups call for candle-lit protest on Coptic Christmas

Ahram Online, Tuesday 4 Jan 2011

Several Egyptian political parties and groups called today for a candle lit sit-in on 7 of January, Coptic Christmas day, to condemn the attack on Saints Church. 

The demonstration is to take place at 5pm in front of Saad Zaghloul's shrine to mourn those who died in the attacks and to declare solidarity with Egypt's Copts. Zagloul is the leader of the 1919 Revolution, whose banner showed the Muslim crescent embrassing the Christian cross, thus symbolizing the bond between the members of Egypt's two great faiths.

Political parties and groups involved in the call include the Tagammu Party, the Wafd Party, Democratic Front Party, the Ghad Party, the (unlicensed) Karama Party, Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination, Copts for Egypt, El-Tagdeed El-Ishteraky movement (a newly formed leftist group), The National Association for Change,The popular campaign in support of El-Baradei, Justice and Freedom Youth, 6th of April movement, The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, Hisham Mubarak Law Center and Egyptian Women for Change. 

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