General Prosecutor orders reconstruction of church bombing

Ahmed Sabry, Thursday 6 Jan 2011

General Prosecutor asked forensic scientists and experts to base reconstruction of the Alexandria bombing on reports and analysis

A Christian shouts during a protest following the attack in the Two Saints Church, in Cairo (Photo Reuters)

General Prosecutor Abdel Megeed Mahmoud has ordered a group of forensic scientists and criminal investigators to create a reconstruction of the events of the New Year's Eve Two Saints Church bombing, based on autopsy results.

Mahmoud also said in a statement to the press that he had ordered technical experts to base the reconstruction on the distance, level and direction of the buildings and cars surrounding the explosion.

He added that it is vital to look at the medical reports of the injured, the autopsy reports and the analysis of the body parts gathered from the site, in order to create a comprehensive report that will then be submitted to the prosecution.

The General Prosecutor arrived in Alexandria yesterday to study the technical reports and the investigations. These revealed that the injuries included tissue breakage, bleedings and nervous breakdowns. According to the reports, nails, broken glass and pieces of cement and plastic were removed from the bodies of the injured and dead.

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