Cooperation crucial in combatting climate change: Head of EU delegation on Egyptian-European Energy Day

Ahmed Kotb , Saturday 17 Sep 2022

People around the world should shoulder the responsibility of combatting the energy crisis that has swept the world and led to significant rises in electricity bills, Christian Berger, head of the European Union delegation to Egypt, said on Friday while celebrating Egyptian-European Energy Day.

Egyptian-European Energy Day
Christian Berger, head of the European Union delegation to Egypt (C) with Egyptian officials during the celebration of the Egyptian-European Energy Day on Friday 16 September, 2022. Photo courtesy of Egyptian Environment Ministry Facebook page.


There are many ways to achieve this goal, Berger explained, including the use of greener means of transportation, such as cycling, to reduce harmful emissions.

Berger made the remarks during the second Egyptian-European Energy Day at the Fish Garden in Zamalek, 50 days before the start of United Nations Climate Conference (COP27), which is scheduled to be held 6-18 November in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The European Union and Egypt are celebrating the European-Egyptian Energy Day for the second year in a row, Berger said, adding that awareness of the climate should be raised and "green transformation" initiatives should be activated.

Organising the Egyptian-European Energy Day is in line with the goals of COP27, which aims to promote clean energy and achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Conference, the head of the EU delegation in Egypt said.

Berger also stated that Egypt has started to accelerate its shift away from the use of fossil fuels to the use of renewable energy, with plans to become a solar energy hub, in addition to ambitious plans for the production of green hydrogen with the support of the European Union.

"There are many agreements in which to benefit from the solar energy produced by Egypt, which is a paradise of solar energy," he added.

Participants in the energy day event, which was held in cooperation with the ministries of environment, international cooperation, petroleum, youth and sports, foreign affairs and electricity and renewable energy, stressed the importance of the cooperation between all parties to move towards clean energy to confront the effects of climate change, and specifically the role of youth, private sector and civil society in spreading environmental awareness.

Alaa Ezz, secretary-general of the Egyptian-European Businessmen Association, stressed the importance of clean energy and its effects on the economy.

"Seeking to use alternative energy sources such as solar energy is very important," said Ezz, pointing to the importance of educating young people about the effects of climate change and the role of the association in that regards, including organising training for engineering university students.

Ali Abu Senna, head of the Environmental Affairs Agency of the Ministry of Environment, said that climate change is a source of concern for everyone, especially in developing countries.

"Although emissions from Egypt represent about 0.6 per cent of the total global, it is one of the most vulnerable countries to the potential impacts of climate change," Abu Senna said.

He added that Egypt launched the National Climate Change Strategy 2050 in order to effectively address the effects of climate change, which contributes to improving the quality of life for the Egyptian citizens, achieving sustainable development and sustainable economic growth and preserving natural resources and ecosystems.

Abu Senna pointed out that the National Climate Change Strategy 2050 has five main objectives, including achieving sustainable economic growth and low-emission development in various sectors, enhancing resiliency and the ability to adapt to climate change, mitigating the negative effects associated with it and strengthening the governance in the field of climate change.

"This is in addition to improving climate finance infrastructure, as well as promoting scientific research, technology transfer, knowledge management and awareness of combating climate change," he added.

Among the activities of the celebration of the day was an event in which a group of young people participated in cycling in the streets of the suburb of Zamalek.


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